About Me

I am a psychotherapist in private practice in Providence, RI. I also work at a hospital program for adults with acute psychiatric issues, from anxiety to depression to personality disorders. I am a husband and father, who is dedicated to improving my communication and way of relating—to both my inner world and to the people in my life.

Prior to becoming licensed as a therapist, I spent 20 years studying and practicing Buddhism and other contemplative traditions with a broad range of teachers in many different settings. I spent a few years as a novice monk and completed more than 400 days of cloistered, silent retreat practice focusing on the tantric and nondual teachings of the Dzogchen tradition. I was an initiated medium in the spiritist tradition of Umbanda for more than 6 years in the rainforests of Brazil and the concrete jungle of Manhattan. And I now study the nondual tantric yoga of Kashmir Shaivism. All these teachings and practices directly inform both my psychotherapy practice and my way of living. 

I believe psychotherapy can assist everyone in relieving suffering and increasing the natural ease and joy that emerge from a well-lived life. If you think I might be the right person to help you grow in your life, please contact me to set up a phone conversation.