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Corey J Flanders Psychotherapy

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Wake Up To Your Life

- Osho -

"The truth is that existence wants your life to become a festival."

The Gift of Therapy

Therapy is a gift you give yourself. It can help soothe your nervous system and wake you up from a sense of limitation and suffering. My clients find that working with me helps to bring more confidence and joy into their lives.

My therapy sessions are designed to help you feel understood and supported while providing effective feedback. It's therapy that you contribute to actively. In this way, it is tailor-made to your meet your particular needs and unique situation.

About Corey

Psychotherapy with Spirit in Mind

I am a psychotherapist in private practice in Providence, RI. I am a husband and father, who is dedicated to improving my communication and way of relating—to both my inner world and to the people in my life.


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194 Waterman Street

Third Floor

Providence RI 02906

(401) 288-8386

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