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Psychotherapy with Awakening in Mind

I provide highly individualized and confidential counseling and psychotherapy for individuals, couples, and groups. I have a strong background in spiritual process work and relational therapy. My work incorporates Buddhist, yogic, and tantric psychology perspectives.

I help clients with a broad range of problems and goals. Some examples include:

•    Meaning and Purpose in Life

•    Meditation, Spirituality, and Wellness

•    Relationships and Intimacy Issues

•    Trauma and PTSD 

•    LGBTQ, Race, Power, and Cultural Trauma

•    Addictions, Disordered Eating, Obsessive Thinking

In addition, I am available to clients who wish to take the process and work of therapy into the realm of self-actualization and living ecstatically. Psychotherapy can help clients move beyond problems and into building and enjoying vibrant, contented, and joyful lives, and to expand their capacity to love, be loved, and to find meaningful work.

Wild Path


Set Out to Discover Your True Self

Individual therapy helps us discover the path of self-mastery. We seek to know ourselves better and to become deeply comfortable in our own skin. This allows us to become truly confident, peaceful, kind, and connected to our world. Individual therapy is spiritual work; it's about finding our true purpose in life and about becoming all we intended to be. It's about freedom from suffering and about living a life of joyfulness.

African Penguins


Learn the Art of Mutual Understanding

Couple therapy is about building a shared language together. It's about finding common ground, building (or rebuilding) a solid foundation, and about committing to a shared vision. We do this work by primarily coming to understand ourselves individually, speaking our truth and needs, and the yielding to the wisdom and kindness in our partner.

Group Discussion


Seeing Yourself Through the Mirror of Relationships

Offering both mixed gender process groups and groups for men. Group therapy is a powerful way to explore how and why you function the way you do in relationships. Members explore core issues in a safe and supportive environment and learn to improve communication. Group therapy counteracts loneliness and separation. Only through healthy relationship do we come to know ourselves truthfully.

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